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Kindle Fire is under the Tree…To Root or not to Root?

My Kindle Fire has arrived and was immediately intercepted by my daughter and wrapped it up tight and buried under the Christmas (not ‘holiday’) Tree. I have to admit to some growing excitement for Christmas morning to open that baby up! Yes it is NOT an IPad, though the actual cost difference is only about 60$ (a touch over the 199 sale price for the Fire – versus 260 for the similar IPad. That 1/3 more buys a lot of capability, and considering the 50%= markup Apple charges, a hefty ‘out-of-wallet experience’ difference.

I’ve loved my 1st gen Kindle. Its a companion on every business trip, and likely will continue to be as the “emergency info device”. The ability to latch onto a 3g signal anywhere in the world and through the “experimental” (read “excruciating to use”) browser find a map, address, or flight update for free has paid for itself several times over. There are times when e-ink rules, on sunny days, and long, eye-strain free sessions with the latest pot boiler.

But where would we be without progress, and more an more I instinctively try to manipulate the ole Kindle 1.0 by touching the screen, only to realize that little toggle-stick is there “how quaint” as Scotty might say… There are times when a color touch screen (even a finicky one) would be a godsend.

So I used some of those Amazon credit card points and now its waiting to be opened! But then what? My intent is to be a faithful Amazonian drone and uy Prime and see what the Consumer Imperium has to offer. Hopefully it will be the start of a beautiful friendship, building on my experience with the Kindle 1.0. For those of us who what a better experience than a Kindle, not a cheaper equivalent iPad experience (with which I am familiar, it being my wife’s computing device of choice, which I occasionally fire up when its lying there unused) I’m hopeful Kindle will fit the Bill.

If not, then what? Well if I have to pay the price of early adoption with a bit of bitterness, then after a chance to patch it up, plan B would be to let loose the dogs of Hack on it and see what can be done to make the dual core, 8GB, Android bugger bend to my will.

The door is open. i will document my adventures if I decide to leave the Amazon Matrix and take the Blue pill…