IBM opens door to terahertz computing

A press release from IBM reports on a hybrid optical/silicon chip that can send and receive data at terahertz rates on a single chip. Seperately, the University of Pittsburgh has reported on techniques that can transmit at 100 tera hz using a “spectral comb” that isolates combinations of the natural oscillations in silicon atoms. Theoretically the technique could be refined to focus on electrons vice a crystal lattice of atoms, multiplying the effect by 1000 to peta-hz frequencies.

The potential of the discoveries to increase processing speeds of processing chips by 1000 to 1,000,000 times – a Moore’s law blowing proposition. coupled with IBM’s discovery to move data around at similar speeds, the combination could result in a revolution in both processing and communications using lasers for long-haul data transfer rather than microwaves currently used.

University of Texas at Dallas adds other pieces to the puzzle.

This would provide the backbone required to employ post 4G wireless technologies on a widespread basis, allowing cellular technology to potentially rival wired plant solutions for consumers.

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