Confirmed quantum effect at macro scale – photosynthesis

This ars technica piece provides another of the growing list of quantum mechnical effects manifesting at the macro scale. There has been issues with the apparent hyper-effficency of photosynthesis’ energy transport. inocming photons seemd to “know” the most efficient chlorophyl route to take somehow. SOme thoerized that a biocehmical quantum computer of sorts was at work clearing the most efficient path for the photon to take. This was poo-pooed by many as such effects were typically observed only in supercooled conditions, under very controlled conditions.

This research confirms that quantum effects are indeed at work in photsynthesis and at room tempurature. The implications to solar power, farming, quantum computing, etc. will likely be far-reaching and openthe door to other phenomena where macro-scale quantm effects are suspected, but not proven.


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"If you read about something, you have learned about it. If you can teach something, you have mastered it. Designing a useful game about something however, requires developing a deep understanding of how it relates to other things."

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